Ski Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Travel Directions

Travel by Air


Friedrichshafen Airport: 102km
(64 miles)
Zürich Airport: 132km (83 miles)
Innsbruck Airport: 179km (119 miles)
Stuttgart Airport: 275km (172 miles)
Munich Airport: 287km (179 miles)

Map of Liechtenstein

The closest airport to Malbun is Friedrichshafen Airport on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany. Although the airport is closer than others, the choice of flights into the small airport is more limited than its larger rivals.Those able to fly into Friedrichshafen will however find it a small user-friendly airport.

The closest major airport is Zürich International Airport in the neighbouring country of Switzerland. The journey from the airport is mostly via the well-designed Swiss motorway system through to the border of Liechtenstein.

Innsbruck Airport in Austria has good motorway connections through to Feldkirch close to the border with Liechtenstein and a good selection of charter flights from many countries in Europe in the winter.

The main German airports of Stuttgart and Munich are the furthest practical options, with Munich probably having the edge in choice of flights and Stuttgart from distance and ease of journey.

Travel by Road

Car drivers intending to drive the whole way or just from an airport will find that Liechtenstein is easily reached from west, north and east on part of the extensive central European motorway network. A motorway actually forms part of the western border of the country, while the Austrian town of Feldkirch is the motorway exit point for those coming from the north and east.

The change once over the border into Liechtenstein is quite dramatic - with the driving taking place on one-lane small town or country roads through to the junction in the direction of the village of Triesenberg.

The route to Triesenberg and the ski area and village of Malbun is steep and narrow and only suited for those experienced in mountain driving and outfitted with the correct winter equipment. Those who would rather let others do the driving will find that there are regular ski bus services from the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz.

Routes to Malbun