Ski Liechtenstein

Ski Liechtenstein

Skiing in Malbun in the tiny European principality of Liechtenstein is like skiing in the days before the sport became a nightmare of package tours and tower blocks and lift queues.

The resort is a tiny one, with only a handful of hotels amongst the private chalets and houses. In fact, it's the kind of place where you feel that you may bump into a young Gregory Peck and Doris Day around the corner. And, although there has been plenty of money spent on new lift equipment, there are still only three ways to get up onto the slopes above Malbun. Contact details for the accommodation with websites in English is available on our accommodation page.

The skiing itself is at a healthy altitude of 1600 metres so the snow conditions normally remain pretty good. Even in the warm spring of 2007, the cool of the night and the work of the lift employees enabled the pistes to sparkle like new in the morning sunshine. A slightly more detailed description of the skiing is available on our skiing page.

Malbun is pretty close as the crow flies to the capital of Vaduz (although you could say that about everywhere in Liechtenstein!) but the road up to the resort can be an intimidating one for inexperienced mountain drivers, with steep gradients and sharp corners. Those who feel unnerved by the prospect may wish to take the regular local bus, or to hire a taxi to head up onto the slopes. Directions to Malbun can be found on our travel page.

And, if you like the sound of Malbun and would like to see more, you can take a look at our slide show on the images page.

Not a place to put the kilometers under your skis. Not a place to give the credit card a workout. But Malbun is the perfect resort for a romantic getaway to remind yourself what a ski vacation was once all about.

And when you return and someone asks you where you went, "Skiing in Liechtenstein" is a pretty good line!

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